Hanger 18 Staff

Sean Strouse

Sean Strouse has been tattooing for 21 years in London Ontario, and spent a few of his early years traveling the U.S and Canada working with some great artists to expand his wealth of knowledge.

Sean can tattoo in any style put before him. With bold solid line work and smooth detailed shading, Sean is an artist for any tattoo enthusiast.

"How do you specialize in anything, when your the best at everything?"
Sean Strouse.

Dave Schultz

Dave Schultz has been tattooing for 6 years professionally.

Growing up in London and traveling southwestern ontario, Hanger 18 was an excellent shop to learn the tattoo trade.

With a drive towards excellence, Dave works tirelessly to create solid, unique designs for each and every client.

"My absolute best since 1985"
Dave Schultz.